Marketa & Steve

Marketa & Steve were showing off their talents at the Okee Dokee Western Saloon. And, as friends do, I went there to support them. Well, this turned into a unexpected jam session. Wonderful! More pictures can be seen here The next day Marketa, Steve and I wrote a song and recorded it right away. Stay tuned for updates!

Jeffrey & Amarillo at the Four Corners Music Hall

I had planned to see Amarillo on Saturday night at the Four Corners Music Hall. That morning Bill Wallace asked my better half, if i would like to sing a few songs! What an honor, and of course I agreed right away! I had met the guys from Amarillo about 1 1/2 years ago for the last time, and we did a few songs together. Sebbo - the bandleader - was happy to do a few songs with me, and in the end we rocked the stage for quite a while. Great memories. Some Pictures by Erwin Anthofer can be seen here Videos will be available soon! Thank you Bill, and the entire FCMH team!

International Country Music Awards 2014

The International Country Music Awards 2014 were an increduible Weekend! Great Music, great organization, and great audience and attendance. I placed second as a solo artist, and also second as the Duo "Backus & Cole"! The Pictures from that weekend can be seen here. The Article from the Newspapers (in german).

Backus & Cole live! The Full 30 Minute set.

Backus & Cole officially entered the Country Music Scene in Europe! With a BANG! What started as a crazy idea between these two Singer/Songwriters ended in placing second as a Duo at the International Country Music Awards 2014 in a top-class competition of incredibly talented Musicians from all over Europe. "Having fun" was the motto for this weekend, and the attempt to introduce some "real" Country to anyone, who would dare to listen. It seems like Backus & Cole have struck a chord, not only with the jury, but also with the audience. There will be more, and you can be sure, that you will hear more from this collaboration!

Wohnzimmerkonzert live bei Jeffrey Backus - 01.11.2014

Das besondere Event ! Christina Schreinemacher & Carsten Homberg gaben ein privates Wohnzimmer Konzert! Direkt im Wohnzimmer vonJeffrey Backus, von dort erfolgte ein Livestream direkt über Homepage und youtube, ganze 4 Stunden lang. Und das war wirklich ein Ereignis der besonderen Art. Vom Aufbau über den Soundcheck bis hin zum Schluss jagte ein Höhepunkt den nächsten... Es wurde gesungen, geschwatzt, Standup-Kabarett wurde dargeboten, es ging um Schokohasen ohne Ohren, Glöckchen - die geklingelt wurden, um pantomimische Darstellung diverser Gesprächsinhalte, doch auch Trinken und sogar Werbung, unter anderem für Wo-tv, das durch Georg Danter Wo-tv vertreten wurde, wurde fleissigst eingebaut

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