Charly's Diner in Solingen

The evening at Charly's diner was a blast! Pictures from the evening can be found here. It was wonderful to make new friends there, and to see many old ones!

International Country Music Awards

I am incredibly proud to be a member of the jury this year! For a change, I will be able to listen to all the contestants more intently. The Awards will take place in Pullman City, Eging/See between 13th - 15th November 2015 See y'all there!

Statement - Bekanntmachung

Ich, Jeffrey Backus, distanziere mich hiermit von dem „Goldenen Countrystar“, welcher von Georg Danter und organisiert wird und wurde. Das bedeutet auch, dass ich nicht als Moderator bei irgendwelchen zukünftigen Veranstaltungen von WO-TV oder Georg Danter agieren werde. Die Entscheidung ist für mich eine rein persönliche Entscheidung, da ich es mit meinem Charakter nicht vereinbaren kann, eine Organisation zu unterstützen, welche Zusagen nicht einhält und auch nicht in einem zeitlich angemessenen, oder angekündigtem Rahmen ausführt. Die angesprochenen Zusagen haben nichts mit mir, oder mit Georg Danter persönlich zu tun. Ich finde Georg Danter als Mensch symphathisch. Es handelt

Ann Doka & Jeffrey Backus - live

Ann Doka and I "found" each other through some really crazy "coincidences". To make a long story short, we knew that we would meet in person at the Country Music Meeting 2015 in Berlin. So, we decided to perform together. This here is at the end of her set, about 10 hours after we were on stage at the end of my set on the day before. A great friendship was formed.

Country Music Meeting 2015

What a weekend! Upon arriving at the Country Music Meeting, we were surprised to find out, that our booth had to be moved to a different spot, due to a water leak. At first I was dissapointed, but in the end, it was for the better. Who would like to have water dripping down on you :) Right from the beginning all the helpers were very supportive and helpful! Thank you! Soon after we were all set up, old and new friends started showing up, and and there were a lot of hugs and "high five's". Marketa, Steve C., Jesse Cole and I soon had the booth all filled with our instruments, and material for the fans. It was now a constant flow of visitors, and trying to see all the amazing artists on the va

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