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The latest Gus Backus CD "Hör' doch auf dein Herz" is available to order online at Ama

This CD was a labour of Love for me.

Ever since my teenage years, I have been trying to step out of my Dad's shadow. I needed to prove, that I was to be taken serious, and that I was not just "the son of..."

It appears that I accomplished that.

At that time, I returned to Germany, and the opportunity for this project came up. It was important to me, that - besides the required Gus Backus hits - we would include our own original songs on the album. Which we did. The only "problem" was, that they all had to be translated to german. And that's what I - with some help - did.

This CD includes 8 original songs from the Backus Boys, two of them are duetts between my Dad and myself.

I am very proud of this album, and will always cherish it!

The CD was released on April 22, 2014.

Track Listing:

Wünschst Du Nicht Du Wärst Ich (Duett Gus & Jeffrey; Original: Don't You Wish You Were Me) | Da Sprach Der Alte Häuptling Der Indianer | Hör' Doch Auf Dein Herz | Der Mann Im Mond | Sie Weiss Es Nicht | Brauner Bär Und Weisse Taube | Seit Sie Fort Ging | Bohnen In Die Ohr'n | Was Mir Von Damals Blieb (Duett Gus & Jeffrey; Original: Bits & Pieces) | Auf Meinem Weg Ins Nirgendwo | Sauerkraut Polka | Solang Du Bleiben Willst | Alte Liebe (Heidelore's Song) | Indianer Hit Medley

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