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My Music. On Different Stages.

Music has to be heard. And seen.
On this page you can listen to some of my recordings. 
Click here for some Videos of the Live shows and streams, or here for BaCoN & Ecks Videos
My Music.

Below, you can listen to 30 sec. clips of all the songs from all of my CDs. You can download each song individually, or the entire album. The entire CD is usually cheaper, in case you want to purchase every single song... ;)

These are downloads only, not an order for the physical CD! Go to CDs to order them.


My upcoming CD's will contain all new songs by me, co-written with some other great writers.

BaCoN - Sizzlin' At The Rattlesnake Saloon

LIve Debut CD by BaCoN

Beer, and other influences

Die aktuelle Cover CD

Hör' doch auf Dein Herz

Die neueste und letzte CD meines Vaters

Different Stages - Stage One

Meine erste Solo CD, mit nur eigenen Songs.

Nashville Point Of View

Meine erste Cover CD

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