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Gus & Jeffrey Backus

Live and acoustic.

Two voices, one guitar. That's it.


How it all started:

upon my return to Bavaria early 2012, my parents and I were siting in the Living Room, just joking around. At the time I was considering performing again, and my Mom jokingly said that Dad and I should perform together.

That was it, the idea was planted. But we all knew that it was going to be impossible. Well, we were all very wrong, as we found out just weeks after this initial "joke".

Dad and I had sung together before, but only at home, wherever home was at the time.

I did surprise him once on stage during a Birthday Gala show in Vienna, that was arranged for his 66th birthday. 

Fast forward to 2012. We had the World Premiere of the Backus Boys on July 20th. 

Since then we are now working together on the production for Dad's latest, and more than likely his last CD.

Update: All recordings for my Dad's CD are done, and we are all very pleased with it. The CD will be released on 22nd April 2014!


Radio Interview auf Radio-Lila

the Backus Boys - Father & Son

Hör' doch auf dein Herz

Gus Backus


Release date: April 22 2014

Track Listing:

Wünschst Du Nicht Du Wärst Ich (Duett Gus & Jeffrey; Original: Don't You Wish You Were Me) | Da Sprach Der Alte Häuptling Der Indianer | Hör' Doch Auf Dein Herz | Der Mann Im Mond | Sie Weiss Es Nicht | Brauner Bär Und Weisse Taube | Seit Sie Fort Ging | Bohnen In Die Ohr'n | Was Mir Von Damals Blieb (Duett Gus & Jeffrey; Original: Bits & Pieces) | Auf Meinem Weg Ins Nirgendwo | Sauerkraut Polka | Solang Du Bleiben Willst  | Alte Liebe (Heidelore's Song) | Indianer Hit Medley


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Das komplette Live Interview vom 26. September 2014 mit Walter Witzany

Witzany Am AbendGus & Jeffrey Backus
Anchor 1

Im Oktober 2014 wird die erste Single Auskopplung aus diesem Album erscheinen. Das Lied "Sie Weiß Es Nicht", aus der Feder von Gus. 

And for all German speaking folks, this is my Dad's Autobiography: Only available from me now, since it has gone out of print.


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