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I'm a Songwriter. It's just what I do.
To me, that means, that the songs come to me, not from me. 



Writing songs is something that started at an early age for me. It was always natural for me to make up rhymes and melodies as a child. Ask my family, I know for sure, that I sometimes drove them crazy with it! I just never knew exactly what I was doing.


That all changed when I was about 20. It was a time of a awakening for me, and I realized more and more, what was going on in the world. So I started writing songs about what I felt was important to me at that time. Most of those "songs" from back then I wouldn't listen to today anymore, but it was all part of a "learning by doing". 

During that time I was mainly performing "covers" - songs, that resonated with me. Songs, that I wished I had written. Always thinking " Why didn't I write that?"


I started writing better songs during my time in Syracuse,NY, when I was going through some pretty rough times. And what was most amazing to me was that people liked them! Somehow I managed to touch them with my songs. A whole new experience!


When I decided to move to Nashville, TN a few years later, I had no idea what I was supposed to do there. But, it all started happening within the first three months after I arrived. I was fortunate enough to meet some incredibly talented songwriters. And we just started hanging out together, doing what we all loved best: making music. And, anyone, who has ever spent some time amongst musicians and songwriters, knows, that all it takes is some comment or joke, a quote, anything, and a song is being conceived.


That's how it happened on numerous occasions. And it's still happens today.


I consider my songs as my babies. First, there has to be that magical moment of conception. Wow! That's an incredible feeling!!

Once the song has been born, you nurture it, watch it grow, you teach the song to stand up on its own. Then one day, the song has fully developed to stand up and make a name for and by itself, Then, if it is strong enough, and lucky enough, it can touch other people! That's called a hit. No matter if it reaches any charts or not. Even if that songs brings out just one emotion in one other person!


That's why I consider myself very lucky to have been chosen to be one of those people that can conceive these ideas. 


I love being a songwriter!

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