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My latest song "You Won't Be Buggin' Me No More" is now available for download!

"You Won't Be Buggin' Me No More" is a song, that has a very strange history!

It was New Years Eve in 1998 in my house in Nashville, and some friends and myself were just waiting for all the people to show up. So, while sitting around the table, somebody said "So, what do we do now?" I just said "Let's just do, what we always do - write a song!"

That's how the first verse was started. 15 years later, paul Fowler and I finally finished writing the song. Hope you enjoy it!

I am very proud to have had the amazing Fred Guggenberger play the guitars on this! Thanks Fred!

Update: This song will be released on the Country Music Meeting 2015 CD in February 2015.

Single Artwork - Buggin'.jpg

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