The latest CD "Beer, and other influences"

The long awaited new Cover CD is now available!

Release date: January 25 2015

Track Listing:

Hell yeah, I like Beer | Family Tradition | In Color | Billy's got his Beer goggles on | Run | Do you want fries with that? | Born to boogie | I don't even know her name | The Greatest | Longneck Bottle | Choices | I love this bar | Yee Haw | It's hard to kiss the lips at night, that chew your ass out all day long | Alcohol | Murder on Music Row | I think I'll just stay here and drink | To make you feel my love | Last thing I needed | Liquor to like her | The End

This CD took me 2 1/2 years to complete. When I first arrived back in Bavaria, I knew, that I would need something new. So I started selecting the right kind of songs I wanted to include. My main aim was to have a selection of songs, that would be different from what all the other artists are performing or recording, and also to reflect who I am. In addition to that I wanted every song to reflect the "theme" or title of the CD.

This CD is only available at shows, or via request.

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