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Country Music Meeting 2015

What a weekend!

Upon arriving at the Country Music Meeting, we were surprised to find out, that our booth had to be moved to a different spot, due to a water leak. At first I was dissapointed, but in the end, it was for the better. Who would like to have water dripping down on you :)

Right from the beginning all the helpers were very supportive and helpful! Thank you!

Soon after we were all set up, old and new friends started showing up, and and there were a lot of hugs and "high five's".

Marketa, Steve C., Jesse Cole and I soon had the booth all filled with our instruments, and material for the fans. It was now a constant flow of visitors, and trying to see all the amazing artists on the various stages. Impossible to see all of them!

Then Marketa and Steve had their set. Marketa has a wonderful voice, Steve is a gifted musician! I am proud to have those two as friends!

A new friendship was formed, as well! Ann Doka and I met for the first time in person minutes before we appeared on stage together. We spent the rest of the evening together, and got along great, and shared many laughs!

My friend Jesse Cole showed off his amazing talent just before we /Backus & Cole) shared the stage. It's always so much fun being on stage with him!

Larry Schuba and I had some really interesting conversations, and discovered some really cool common threads in our pasts.

Here are some of the first reviews of this amazing weekend:

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