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Remember, remember, the eighth of November...

I usually don't get into politics , but this time around, I feel so strongly about this issue, that I had to say something.

For the first time in 15 years I woke up on the 9th November 2016 as a proud citizen of the United States of America!

The final election results were not in yet, there were still a few States that were "too close to call". But it was already clear that Donald Trump was way ahead. My fellow citizens had used their right to cast their votes. And vote they did!

Now, what did they vote for?

I believe, they voted more against something, than for something.

They voted against a corrupt political machinery, which had been in place for far too long. I believe they voted against the often quoted "Status Quo". They voted against escalations of foreign interventions. They voted against international finance dictatorship.

But they also voted for Change. They voted for Peace. They voted for their own country and their own futures. They voted for their Constitution. They voted for themselves.

I followed the entire election. And yes, it was dirty. It was much more of a reality TV-Show, than an election. There were a lot of personal attacks, and one-sided media coverage. Scandals over scandals. Mud-slinging.

The country and was and is still divided. But this division is not just because of the election campaigns, It was divided long before. People didn't trust their government anymore. They still don't. Now they have made their voices heard.

They voted for the underdog. This underdog had to stand up against massive world-wide attacks against him personally, against his family, and what he believes in. He fought. He surely didn't have to. Donald Trump could've easily lived happily ever after without ever having entered politics. He had nothing to worry about. Ever! But he felt strongly about the direction his country was headed, just like so many others. He got ridiculed. But he stood his ground, because he felt he had to.

In doing so, he opened the eyes to so many, about what was really going on, and that to me is his first and so far greatest achievement.

Donald Trump is far from being "politcally correct". He said and did what he felt was right, without considering whom he might offend.

I also followed the election within Germany, where I am also proud to be a citizen of. The media coverage here was very one-sided, very Anti-Trump, and Pro-Clinton. That didn't surprise me, though. As far as I can remember, it has always been that way over here. I grew up with false or dishonest press about my father. I can proudly say, that I have never (!) believed the press, without researching the issues myself. Independently.

What I am surprised about is, that the majority of the population here still believes every single word the Media tells them. It is very sad and scary, that people do not form their own opinions anymore, but just swallow whatever propaganda is thrown at them. They even quote statements, that have been coming from a complete different nation, as if they were their own personal conclusion! One that still sticks out to me is "Pest & Cholera", when referring to the US-Presidential choices.

Because of this one-sided media, People in Europe are afraid of Trump. What do they really know about him? People in the US know so much more about him, and based on that they have made their choice.

People, if there is one thing to be learnt from this election, then this:

Make your own decisions instead of settling for conclusions that others have put in place before you! What is the truth?

Question Everything!

Research. Share

I did. Still do.

And don't be afraid to spread the word.

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